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Holy Musical B@man will be introducing 4 new additions to the StarKid team. Here’s a little more about them!

    1. Scott Lamps (co-composer)

Scott is an award-winning songwriter and producer, and graduated from the University of Wisconsin with a BM in Music Composition. He has worked on various theatre projects as well as films. You can listen to some of his compositions here.

Website: http://scottlamps.com
Twitter: http://twitter.com/scottlamps 

    2. Nick Gage (co-composer)

You may recognize Nick Gage from the Funtastic Slamaganza, when he came out with Meredith and played a couple songs, or from this music video starring Denise Donovan. He’s a songwriter and composer living in Chicago, and close friends with the StarKids.

Twitter: http://twitter.com/Mellowchihuahua
Tumblr: http://mellowchihuahua.tumblr.com

    3. Nico Ager (actor)

Nico is very close friends with the StarKids, and went to college with them at UMich, studying theatre. He graduated from UMich in 2009 and now lives in Chicago. You can find him in various photos of the StarKids floating around the internet, including this one (standing next to Darren).

Twitter: http://twitter.com/Oh_Sneako

    4. Jeff Blim (actor)

Jeff Blim also went to UMich with the StarKids, studying theatre and jazz. He graduated in 2007. You can view his demo reel here. He’s been in musicals such as All Shook Up and Footloose.

IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm2377545/

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